Welcome to Coloring Mandalas

Please feel free to use any of my mandalas! You can save a mandala by rightclicking on it, then choose "Save image as...". After saving it, you can print it out and color it. You can see all the mandalas on the "Overview" page on top of this blog.

If you want to post one of my mandalas on your site, or use my mandalas in any other way that isn't personal use, please contact me first for permission and always give credit. Thanks!


Here you can see miniatures of all my mandalas. If you click on an image, it'll take you to the post with the full-size version of that mandala.


57Sanctuary58Smoky Quartz59Morning Glory60Healing Wave

53Unity54Energy Flow55Healing Rain56Sapphire

49Shining Star50Inner Will51Divine Guidance52Energy Field

45Chalcedony46Bright Star47Corundum48Aventurine

41Radiance42Prayer of Healing43Divine Shield44Loving Guidance

37Nourish38Mind Soothe39Divine Protection40Cleanse

33Mirrors34Temple of Light35Sacred Shield36Intuition

29Insight 30Wheel of Energy31Mysticism32Earth Spirit

25Svadisthana26Turning Point27Dreamcatcher28Chrysoberyl

21Tourmaline22Sahasrara23Pearl24Shield of Light

17Muladhara18Sunstone19Seal of Insight20Perseverance


09Topaz10Temple of the Moon11Temple of the Sun12Lifebloom

05Peridot06Anahata07Wheel of Creation08Water Spirit



  1. I just absolutely love these mandalas, I am always looking for the unusual and now I have found them. Thank you.

  2. I love all of these mandalas ~ they are gorgeous !

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these!!! I will definitely take you up on the offer to print and color one and will share! Yours are amazing!

  4. Amazing - going through a stressful time and I need a few hours of ME time and colour mandala. Thank you so much