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Please feel free to use any of my mandalas! You can save a mandala by rightclicking on it, then choose "Save image as...". After saving it, you can print it out and color it. You can see all the mandalas on the "Overview" page on top of this blog.

If you want to post one of my mandalas on your site, or use my mandalas in any other way that isn't personal use, please contact me first for permission and always give credit. Thanks!

44 Loving Guidance

Coloring Mandalas 44 Loving Guidance


  1. I cannot believe you have a blog just for this. I used to search for patterns just like this to colour in ALL THE TIME! And you have a whole site of them! EEEE! *bookmarks*

    1. Haha! :D And I hope you´ll enjoy mine as well then!